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Paralegal Certificate Program in San Antonio #paralegal #certificate #program, #introduction #to #law, #legal #research, #legal #writing, #lexisnexis #and #prodoc, #family #law, #wills #and #probate, #criminal #law #and #procedure, #contracts #and #business #organizations #


Paralegal Certificate Program

The Paralegal Certificate Program is designed and taught by local, practicing attorneys to prepare participants to be knowledgeable, ethical, and effective while emphasizing legal areas where paralegals are most in demand. Paralegals, also called legal assistants, perform many tasks under attorney supervision, such as legal research, document drafting, fact investigation, case management, and preparation for trial.

The program is comprised of three phases/semesters: Paralegal 1, Paralegal 2, and Paralegal 3. The program builds skills from the ground up at an accelerated rate (approximately 13 weeks long per phase). The entire program can be completed in 11 months. Although participants will receive a broad-based education developing the knowledge needed to work in any jurisdiction/state, the program prepares participants to work in a Texas law office. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a UTSA Paralegal Certificate of Completion.

The UTSA’s Paralegal Certificate Program does not offer college credit. Therefore, program participants do not qualify for federal aid or grants, but you may seek private continuing education/career training loans. Military educational benefits, such as the G.I. Bill, may apply.

Paralegals/Legal Assistants are “certified” by private organizations. The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) are two of the major national private organizations that offer professional certification to Paralegals/Legal Assistants. The UTSA Paralegal Certificate of Completion is not associated with these certifications.

Attend an Information Session and receive a 10% discount!

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  • Security Doors #office #security #doors


    Quality British Made Security door

    Security Doors Direct is a trading name for Security Care Ltd we have a great deal of experience of supplying and installing Physical Security equipment, not only Steels Doors but also Security Grilles and Shutters.

    Wide Choice of Custom Built Doors With Expert Advice

    Security Doors Direct is a trading name for Security Care Ltd we have a great deal of experience of supplying and installing Physical Security equipment, not only Steels Doors but also Security Grilles and Shutters.

    Police approved Secured by Design Licence Holder

    Security Doors Direct is a trading name for Security Care Ltd we have a great deal of experience of supplying and installing Physical Security equipment, not only Steels Doors but also Security Grilles and Shutters.

    Supplier and Installer of Security Doors since 1995

    Security Doors Direct is a trading name for Security Care Ltd we have a great deal of experience of supplying and installing Physical Security equipment, not only Steels Doors but also Security Grilles and Shutters.

    Security Doors Direct

    Welcome to Security Doors Direct – a leading supplier of UK-made custom built doors since 1995. If you’re looking for individually designed security doors for your home, business, or industrial property, you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves in our ability to take each customer’s specific requirements and produce exceptionally strong and durable security doors that will deter, withstand, and help prevent forced entry and attacks on your property. No one wants to be the victim of theft, so that’s why we ensure our doors are as tough and robust as they possibly can be.

    Many burglars are opportunists, and given the chance if they’re presented with a weak point of access such as a flimsy, non-secure door, that’s where they’ll gain entry. Give your property the best chance it can have of withstanding an attack by kitting it out with quality, UK-made secure doors that will keep your property and its contents as safe and protected as possible.

    At Security Doors Direct we supply a variety of solutions to help ensure you are protected from possible forced entries. Our range includes everything from High Security doors designed to withstand even the toughest of attacks with tools such as axes, gas torches, and electric tools, to Fire Rated steel doors, louvre doors, and communal doors. For optimum protection, look for the labels ‘ENV 1627’ or ‘LPS 1175’ – they’re the UK and European recognised test standards. When you see these labels you can rest assured you’ll be buying doors that really mean business.

    As for our Fire Rated doors, these are perfect for use in business and commercial premises as they help to ensure both staff and customers are as protected as they can be when it comes to the risk of fire. Once again, these doors are independently tested to ensure they meet the grade and are fire resistant to a minimum of four hours (or one hour if they’ve been fitted with a vision panel).

    Lastly, if you’re in need of a super-tough door that’s also ventilated, then our louvre and punched steel doors are ideal for the job. They’re perfect for use in substations, plant rooms, and bin stores. The ventilation panels ensure air can circulate around the room and help keep machinery at a steady temperature, while their tough composition means they’ll keep opportunists at bay.

    See our large collections of products here.

    If you are not sure how to measure for a door, check this video here or call us for help.

    It was a pleasure to deal with a company who puts the customer first. Excellent service, thank you.
    The Drift House. Burntwood.

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    19 Oregon Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers #drug #treatment #centers #oregon


    19 Oregon Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

    From Portland s cosmopolitan atmosphere to the vast forests of the interior, Oregon is one of America s most diverse states. Agriculture, tourism, and technology are the driving forces of the Beaver State s economy, and the state is also home to several multinational corporations, including Nike, the sports shoe giant.

    But many Oregonians can t run away from a drug or alcohol dependency. Although rates of illicit drug use in Oregon are slightly lower than national averages (about 8% of adults), the state ranks in the top 20 for drug abuse among young people between 12 and 17 years of age. Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in Oregon, but abuse of cocaine and prescription painkillers also ranks highly.

    Inpatient Treatment in Oregon Gives You the Best Chance for a Full Recovery

    No matter your age or social status, you can find yourself dealing with a drug or alcohol problem. Addiction does not discriminate. In Oregon, you can find many diverse approaches to rehabilitation, including programs that take advantage of Oregon s vast wilderness areas. For example, Second Nature Cascades in Bend, Oregon offers wilderness therapy to treat both adults and adolescents struggling with addiction .

    In Prineville, Oregon, Rimrock Trails specializes exclusively in treating young adults as young as eleven for behavioral disorders, including addiction treatment. Using dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Rimrock offers long and short-term inpatient programs designed to help struggling young adults transition successfully to adulthood without dependency on drugs.

    Another excellent rehab facility is located in Eugene, Oregon. The Oregon Rehabilitation Center at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center offers comprehensive residential addiction treatment that includes supervised medical detox, individualized therapy, and strong aftercare programs. Many other great rehab centers in Oregon offer residents opportunities and methods for recovery. Is Your Confidential Connection to Oregon s Best Inpatient Rehab Facilities

    If you live in Oregon and are struggling with a substance abuse problem, help is readily available. But you have to make the call to intervene in your own recovery.

    Cities with inpatient addiction treatment centers in Oregon

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    Entry Doors, Windows and Doors San Francisco – Dolan Lumber Company – Dolan s Lumber #entry #doors, #windows #and #doors #san #francisco, #dolan #lumber #company


    We have two comfortable, helpful showrooms, one in Burlingame and the largest in the area in Walnut Creek. Two complete lumberyards with displays are located in Concord and Pinole. We’re a family owned business, known for lower prices, better service and higher quality.That’s why we’re the first choice for architects, contractors and designers. For decades, we’ve been helping Bay Area professionals and homeowners get the products you need and the name brands you want to build, remodel, restore and repair — all at affordable prices.

    Walnut Creek Burlingame Window Door Showrooms

    Sign Up For News

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    For our California clients

    CALL 800-936-5267

    Connect with us:

    Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

    Our Locations

    Dolan’s Concord Location

    Dolan’s Burlingame Location

    Dolan’s Walnut Creek Location

    Dolan’s Pinole Location

    2231 Monument Blvd
    Concord, CA 94520

    1410 Broadway
    Burlingame, CA 94010

    2750 Camino Diablo
    Walnut Creek, CA 94597

    990 San Pablo Ave.
    Pinole, CA 94564

    We hope you enjoy visiting our web site. If you are vision or hearing impaired and are having trouble using this site, please use this link for contact information .

    Copyright © 2017 Dolan’s Lumber. All Rights Reserved.

    Web site development, content and maintenance by LottaWords

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    Hooligans – Motorcycle Gang Had Insanely High-Tech Method Of Stealing Jeeps: Feds #car #law, #motorcycle #club, #hooligans, #theft, #jalopnik


    Here’s the fascinating part: The key cutter, the indictment says, obtained access to a proprietary database for creating and duplicating keys for Jeep Wranglers. Two codes would be obtained for the particular Jeep.

    It’s unclear how they accessed the database, but it allowed for them to use one of the codes create a duplicate key. The key would then be provided to leaders of the group along with the second code, “which thieves would need in order to program the microchip within the key at the time of the theft,” the indictment says.

    Upon arrival, the thieves would use a handheld device to disable the vehicle’s alarm and front lights, put the key into the ignition, program the duplicate key using a handheld electronic device to connect to the vehicle’s system to operate, and then drive away.

    Authorities didn’t figure out the jig until September 2014, when a Jeep owner caught one of the thieves in action on a security camera. This is what she saw:

    After corresponding with Chrysler about a list of 20 Jeeps stolen from the region, authorities say the company responded that a duplicate key had been requested for nearly every vehicle, and “every one of the keys had apparently been requested through the same dealership in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.”

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    Two Examples of Bad eCommerce – ANTONIO CALERO #bad #ecommerce #sites


    Two Examples of Bad eCommerce

    antonio4/antoniocalero/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/on-line-shopping-frustration.jpg?w=300″ /> On-line shopping (aka: eCommerce) is becoming more present in our daily activities; what started some years ago as part of some websites mostly offering services is now available for a large range of products. The benefits of having an on-line shop for businesses are numerous, hence why so many companies are joining this trend and starting to operate on-line as part of their digital strategy. As with any commercial activity, implementing an on-line shop requires some strategy in place, followed by a set of processes (logistics, ordering, warranty ) that would support the new activities; however there are many businesses that maybe rushed by the ambition having their own eCommerce site forget about all these requirements. And when this happens. the consequences could be catastrophic.

    eCommerce must be supported by a robust back-end

    Some weeks ago, I decided to order a pizza from Pizza Hut, and when I went to their website to check for the menu I found they offered the option of ordering on-line. On the first step of the process, I was asked to provide my address and some contact information, but to my surprise the system showed a message saying that my address could not be recognised, as shown on the next image.

    I decided then to try ordering through their app for smartphones: the result was the same as before, only this time I was able to find out the source of the problem. My street name starts with the letter B , and there are a total of 12 streets in my suburb starting with the same letter, BUT their app (which I guess is built around some sort of data base) shows only .2 OF THEM. Furthermore, there are 89 streets in total in my suburb, but the same app / database contains only 20

    Image on the left shows the streets offered by Pizza Hut s app. On the right, a current list of some streets in my suburb. How many more streets can you see missing?

    So, after some frustration, I decided to go to the competition, and tried Domino s Pizza, it s impossible that two big companies which are direct competitors can do it wrong in the same area, right?

    Complete product information is paramount on an eCommerce site

    Well .Domino s online ordering system is almost as bad as Pizza Hut s. In this case, the system asks for a complete address (which I typed in) and then it automatically identifies the unit number, street name and suburb From a theory point of view sounds great, only that it simply doesn t work. When typing my address, the system showed a list of many addresses with similar names , all of them located in other states and suburbs. In other words: Domino s system didn t work either.

    Where the hell is my suburb.

    However, this time there was an extra issue that made the experience even more upsetting: their website does not even show the prices of the pizzas! They only advise that each extra topping cost $1.5, and minimum delivery is $20, but how much does that particular pizza cost? Trust me, I spent a few minutes in the website but nothing, niente, nada, nichts

    How on Earth is this possible? Two global companies and with such a poor eCommerce strategy? I guess I could have just picked the phone to make my order, but after spending way too much time with this and with an empty stomach I was too upset with both: I simply didn t want to give my money to any of them ( and frankly, I don t think I will ever do it again ). So I decided to think local, and found the website of another pizzeria close to my place. They didn t have an online ordering system, but at least the website was easy to use and prices were clearly detailed. This time I decided to pick up my dinner, so I went to the restaurant and as they were cooking my pizza, I had a chat with the owner where I asked him why he did not have an eCommerce site yet. His response was short but smart: we are not ready yet

    Three lessons to be learned

    1. Do ONLY as much as you are ready to do. If you are not ready for an eCommerce site, it s better not having one rather than having upset clients.
    2. Less is more. I understand that both: Pizza Hut and Domino s were trying to provide clients with an automated system that would reduce errors (misspelled words, wrong suburbs, etc ) however by doing this they have created a much bigger problem. A manual system where users would simply type in their details, would be much simpler and effective.
    3. Local pizzas taste much better than those of Pizza Hut or Domino s

    About Antonio Calero

    Antonio is a Social Media Consultant specialised in User Behaviour Management. He has used this unique approach to help businesses achieve their goals for nearly 10 years, and started losing his hair at about the same time – although those two events may not be necessarily related.


    No spam. No fluff. No selling junk. Only my posts and tips delivered directly to your inbox. Don’t miss another article!

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    • Location: London, England
    • Salary: 450 – 500 per day
    • Job Type: Contract
    • Date Posted 14th June 2017
    • Contact Name: Joseph Duane
    • Telephone:
    • Reference: 14062017JD

    An opportunity has become available for a MS Dynamics CRM Functional Consultant with extensive training experience to join a MS Dynamics CRM system Implementation programme, initially for 6 months.

    Programme & Project Overview

    Our London based Financial Services Client has just released new Functional Consultant / Training requirements to work in their Private Banking Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation programme. This role will be for an initial 6 month contract with a top end day rate.

    CRM Functional Consultant:
    * Proven Microsoft Dynamics CRM Functional competency
    * Experience in delivering Business Requirements Documents / Functional Requirements Specifications
    * Strong analytical skills
    * To the MS Dynamics CRM users, providing functional consultancy
    * Experience in assisting a complex business leverage CRM Dashboards to drive adoption
    * Be first point of contact and support to the client’s other offices around the world

    CRM Trainer:
    * Reporting to the Programme Manager
    * Own the production and management of the Training Plan
    * Create all training materials
    * Do all Training project management
    * Deliver CRM training (best-in-class)

    Core Skills and Knowledge

    * 5+ years Dynamics CRM experience
    * 3+ years Dynamics CRM Training experience
    * Experience working in both structured and unstructured environments

    Nigel Frank International is the Global Leader in Microsoft Recruitment, advertising more Microsoft jobs than any other agency. We deal with both Microsoft Partners & End Users globally and we have never had more live requirements & jobs for Microsoft professionals. By specialising solely in placing candidates in the Microsoft market I have built relationships with most of the key employers throughout the UK and have an unrivalled understanding of where the best opportunities and jobs are.

    We understand the need for discretion and would welcome the opportunity to speak to any Microsoft candidates that are considering a new career or job either now or in the future. Confidentiality is of course guaranteed.

    Apply for this job

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    MSc in Supply Chain Management #courses #supply #chain #management


    A globally-recognized MBA for those looking to reshape their career & transform their approach to real-world challenges.

    An internationally-ranked MBA for professionals that will update & enhance skill-sets and networks while accelerating career prospects.

    Research Degrees (PhD and MPhil)

    Our PhD programme is a key part of our research culture and has a global reputation for excellence and facilities that are second-to-none. We have a large number of PhD students and post-doctorate researchers from many countries, doing research of the highest international quality.

    About Executive Development

    In today s increasingly competitive environment, the secret to competitiveness and growth is an organisation s ability to learn and evolve. Executive Development at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School helps organisations and their leaders meet these objectives by developing business knowledge and management skills through world-class leadership development courses.

    As part of an elite group worldwide with triple accreditation from EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA, we draw on our own faculty and from world renowned faculty from many of the top business schools around the globe.

    MSc in Supply Chain Management

    The University reserves the right to make changes to programme tuition fees and other charges each year (i.e. post the first year of entry to the course).
    It may also make changes to programmes and their curriculum and structure, entry requirements and methods of delivery, and to discontinue, merge or combine programmes, both before and after a student’s admission to the University, if such action is reasonably considered necessary by the University.

    If the University discontinues the programme prior to the student commencing the first term of study, the student may either:
    1. withdraw from the University without any liability for fees, including the application fee, or
    2. transfer to another programme offered by the University, subject to suitable qualifications and meeting entry requirements, availability of places and the Dean’s approval.

    Programme tuition fees for the year of entry into a programme can be viewed at:

    When accepting an offer of a place on a programme with the University and School, students accept the University’s Terms and Conditions of Admission. They can also be viewed at:

    How will I benefit?

    The course has been structured to ensure that students simultaneously learn the theories and practices integral to the profession whilst also boosting their suitability for recruitment by the very companies that employ supply chain management techniques.

    • The combination of cutting-edge theory and knowledge dispensed by leading academics in the field and real experience of supply chain issues via corporate involvement in the course.
    • Opportunities for students to showcase their knowledge and employability are boosted by the dedicated supply chain careers fair held during the course.
    • Diverse, international job opportunities with multinational firms from a variety of countries and industries, including Accenture, Apple, Facebook and Zara.

    Course features

    Consulting Project conducted over the summer term in groups of students supervised by leading companies, the project offers the ultimate bridge between the theory learnt and the realities of the supply chain profession.

    CIPS accreditation – the MSc in Supply Chain Management is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, the UK professional body for purchasing and supply.

    Academic prizes the James Crowley Memorial Medal is awarded to the best student on the course, whilst the IPICS Supply Chain Institute offers 500 to the top consulting project.

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    Columbus Roofing #columbus #roofing, #columbus, #roofing, #columbus #roofers


    Columbus Roofing

    Ohio Roofing Solutions offers Columbus homeowners a free 25 point inspection. Their roofing contractors are qualified to assess damage from storms, as well as signs of normal wear and tear. Each roofer thoroughly communicates with homeowners about their findings and explain the suggested repairs.

    Columbus Roofing Clients Rely on Ohio Roofing Solutions

    • Ohio Roofing Solutions roofing contractors are more than qualified to reroof any home. As GAF Master Elite contractors, they are among the nation’s best trained roofers. Less than 3 percent of roofers qualify for this distinction.
    • Each roofer uses only the highest quality materials on every Columbus project, and they back that quality with a 25 year workmanship warranty.
    • With Ohio Roofing Solutions, satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed. Their A rating with the Better Business Bureau and rave reviews on Angie’s List prove it.

    Ohio Roofing Solutions Build Trust with Every Completed Job

    • Their free 25 point inspection lets homeowners know exactly what work needs to be done before the job gets started. There will be no surprise repairs that will bust the budget.
    • As GAF Master Elite Roofers, they are committed to ongoing education and training, making them one of the most knowledgeable roofing companies about proper installation techniques and advances in energy efficient materials.
    • Their Master Elite status enables them to offer Columbus roofing clients the best warranty in the business: 50 years on materials, 25 years on workmanship and backed by GAF, America’s oldest and most successful building materials manufacturer.
    • They are an active roofing company in their community. For every client who installs a new roof or siding, Ohio Roofing Solutions contributes to a local charity of the homeowner’s choosing.
    • They respect the homeowner’s property. They clean up daily and as the work progresses. They are dedicated to a “Leave No Trace” cleanup policy.

    Have a question regarding residential roofing, commercial roofing, gutters or insulation? Please ask a roofing contractor from Ohio Roofing Solutions of Columbus OH.

    Ohio Roofing Solutions Ltd

    Ohio Roofing Solutions. Professional Columbus Roofing Company with Excellent Service

    I am amazed. Ohio Roofing Solutions re-roofed and re-sided my 60 year old house and made it look brand new. The roofers were professional and polite from the very beginning and were in constant contact with me throughout the process. They even sent me pictures over the phone.

    Winter Re-roofing Project

    After a heavy snowfall, one Columbus homeowner’s roof collapsed and needed immediate repairs. Working around the weather was a challenge. Ohio Roofing Solutions was in constant communication with the homeowner so that they were able to begin work on a morning with no precipitation in the forecast. In one day, the roofing contractors tore off the old roof to the rafters and then installed new decking and replaced the damaged rafters. Afterward, they covered the decking with a waterproof underlayment and a tarp because it was still too cold to install shingles. As soon as the weather was warm enough, a large group of roofing contractors were at the house to install the shingles. They worked quickly to take advantage of the few hours of good weather available to them and finished the roof before the next storm blew in. The home was made safe again, and the homeowners were very pleased with the dedication to completing the job that the roofing company experts from Ohio Roofing Solutions showed.

    Ohio Roofing Solutions completes every project to the owner’s satisfaction. Guaranteed one of the best roofing companies around!

    Articles about Columbus roofing:

    • Copper Roofing
      Copper roofing is an unusual yet beautiful roofing option that changes its looks over time.
    • A Guide To Accommodating Roofers
      Learn about the best ways for homeowners to interact with their roofer
    • Preventing Winter Ice Dams
      Preventing ice dams from forming in the winter can keep a roof in tip top shape.
    • Preparing Gutters For The Fall
      Ways homeowners can prepare their gutters for the fall and winter months
    • See more articles.

    Most popular article

    • Helping The Roof Survive The Winter
      Learn how to prepare the roof for the winter and what to do after a snowstorm.

    Ohio Roofing Solutions can assist you with residential roofing, commercial roofing, gutters and insulation in Columbus OH and these areas:

    • Groveport
    • Powell

    For a list of articles by Ohio Roofing Solutions including: The Advantages Of Skylights, Best Time To Replace Gutters, and Roof Maintenance For Cold Weather

    • Gahanna Roofing
    • Westerville Roofing

    Ohio Roofing Solutions Ltd

    Ohio Roofing Solutions

    Excellent service and timely.

    Called shortly after purchasing plan on Angie’s List. Helpful and explained things well. Unfortunately, previous roofer did not lave any shingles. Had to buy new pack.

    Overall Experience 5 / 5

    October 01, 2015

    Jack Near Columbus. OH

    • Ohio Roofing Solutions comment:

    Thanks Jack! We hope our services were able to help you forget about the previous roofers mishaps.

    We appreciate your business!

    Ohio Roofing Solutions Ltd

    Ohio Roofing Solutions

    My concerns regarding my roof were totally alleviated upon the arrival of their crew and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I would like to thank these hardworking employees for their fine workmanship!!

    Overall Experience 4 / 5

    Craig Near Columbus. OH

    • Ohio Roofing Solutions comment:

    We work hard to make sure our customers feel confident in the work we are providing and do that by keeping high standards of workmanship for our team! Thanks Craig!

    Ohio Roofing Solutions Ltd

    Ohio Roofing Solutions

    The crew worked hard to complete the job, and provided quality work. I would recommend them to friends and family!

    Overall Experience 4 / 5

    Harry Near Columbus. OH

    • Ohio Roofing Solutions comment:

    We appreciate you for recommending us to your friends and family! You have a beautiful home Harry!

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    Personal Injury Protection – PIP Definition #personal #injury #protection #massachusetts


    Personal Injury Protection – PIP

    DEFINITION of ‘Personal Injury Protection – PIP’

    A feature of automobile insurance that covers the health care expenses associated with treating injuries sustained in a car accident. With personal injury protection, the policyholder and his/her passengers, if any, who are hurt in an auto accident will have their medical expenses covered even if they don’t have health insurance. If cost of necessary medical care exceeds the automobile policy’s personal injury protection limits, health insurance may cover further expenses.

    BREAKING DOWN ‘Personal Injury Protection – PIP’

    Automobile insurance requirements and features differ from state to state. Personal injury protection is available primarily in no-fault states, meaning that if you are injured in a car crash, your insurance policy will pay for your medical care regardless of whether you caused the accident or another driver did as long as the accident itself is covered by the policy. If the other driver doesn’t have insurance, you will still be covered as long as your own policy includes personal injury protection. This type of coverage, in addition to making medical care affordable, can also provide payments for lost income, child care and funeral expenses related to the accident, which an auto policy’s medical payments coverage does not pay for. Medical payments coverage is available in some no-fault states, but typically has low limits. The most a policyholder will receive from filing a personal injury protection claim is the policy’s limit.

    Personal injury protection is required in Washington, DC, and 15 states: Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, Michigan, North Dakota, Utah, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas. Minimum coverage requirements vary by state; maximums depend on what the insurance company is willing to offer, which is usually no more than $25,000. If a policyholder’s health insurance provides coverage for injuries and rehabilitation related to a car accident, the policyholder probably only needs to purchase the minimum amount of personal injury protection required by their state. Personal injury protection is not a substitute for liability coverage, which most states require and which pays for injuries caused to another party, such as a pedestrian or the driver and occupants of another vehicle.

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