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Lubbock Car Insurance #auto #insurance #lubbock


Lubbock Car Insurance

Mike Dortch and the licensed agents of Insure Direct represent the nation s top 30 auto insurance companies and offers the lowest monthly payments in the Lone Star State. Lubbock Car Insurance is now offered at InsureDirect . one call to our Texas Toll-Free 1-800 Insurance Quote Hot-Line at 888-800-1512 will save you more time and money than any other national insurance agency on the world-wide web. Not only will you pay the lowest auto insurance monthly payment in Lubbock and the surrounding area, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to save money on your auto and homeowners insurance coverage .

All cheap auto insurance rate quotes and online car insurance products are provided and bound for insurance coverage through our corporate appointed contracts with Combined Insurance Group, Ltd. Free Lubbock Car Insurance quotes provided both online at Insure Direct and through our Texas Toll-Free 1-800 Insurance Quote Hot-Line.

We can provide you auto liability insurance coverage for as little as $33.20 per month. Mike Dortch and his agents/representatives pride themselves by providing the best car insurance rates despite your driving record. Regardless if your driving history is considered flawless/preferred or you have Accidents, Speeding Tickets, Traffic Violations, Drivers License Suspensions, even Driving Under the Influence and Driving While Intoxicated we will quote you the lowest possible prices car insurance liability coverage. Irregardless if you are shopping for your auto insurance renewal or you are in a serious bind and need instant Lubbock Car Insurance, we can bind you for insurance coverage in a matter of minutes.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and all Debit Cards. You may also pay for your auto insurance policy down-payment or monthly payment through our statewide network of Quick-Collect locations. You go to your closest Walmart Location and send a payment via MoneyGram.

Conveniently located Quick-Collect payment locations in Lubbock, Texas:

2747 34th St
Lubbock, Texas 79410
800-240-3369 806-785-2729

To find additional Quick-Collect Locations near you, visit and enter United States as the country and your Lubbock, Texas zip-code to locate the nearest payment location in your area. To make sure your payment is properly credited; you will be asked for s Code-City. Our Code-City is InsureDirect. provides low-cost car insurance to the driving residents of Lubbock, Texas. One call to
888-800-1512 will provide you cheap auto insurance quotes to the following city/towns and zip codes in the Lubbock, Texas area:

  • Located in LUBBOCK County, Texas
  • Also known as:

LUBBOCK, TX Covers 26 ZIP Codes

  • ZIP Code 79401
  • ZIP Code 79402
  • ZIP Code 79403
  • ZIP Code 79404
  • ZIP Code 79406
  • ZIP Code 79407
  • ZIP Code 79408
  • ZIP Code 79409
  • ZIP Code 79410
  • ZIP Code 79411
  • ZIP Code 79412
  • ZIP Code 79413
  • ZIP Code 79414
  • ZIP Code 79415
  • ZIP Code 79416
  • ZIP Code 79423
  • ZIP Code 79424
  • ZIP Code 79430
  • ZIP Code 79452
  • ZIP Code 79453
  • ZIP Code 79457
  • ZIP Code 79464
  • ZIP Code 79490
  • ZIP Code 79491
  • ZIP Code 79493
  • ZIP Code 79499

7 Cities within 15 miles of LUBBOCK, TX

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Capital care plumbing #capital #care #plumbing


Plumbing Adjustments

Customers with higher than expected water use may be eligible for a bill reduction. The City of Columbia offers the following options to its customers. Limit one reduction of any type per account in a 12 month period. Additional restrictions may apply. Call Customer Care at 803-545-3300 for details.

Courtesy Reduction

Customers may be eligible for a one month reduction of water and sewer charges by 50% after a high use bill. Courtesy reductions are used if a customer cannot identify the cause of an unexpected high use or if the cause was not from a leak that has since been repaired.

Plumbing Repair Reduction

What Is It?

Customers may be eligible for a charge reduction when plumbing problems occur on the property. Before an account can be reviewed for an adjustment, proof of repairs is required.

Customers will need to submit the following:

  • Copies of the repair bill or a written statement reflecting the item repaired and the date repairs were completed.
  • Copies of receipts reflecting the purchase of parts or supplies needed to make repairs.

Additional Rules

  • After repairs have been completed, the water usage at the location must return to normal before a credit can be applied to the account.
  • No more than 3 months are adjusted for any plumbing problem event.
  • Only 1 adjustment is allowed per 12 month period.

Plumbing Adjustment Calculation

An average consumption is calculated using the previous 12 months of consumption history. If the customer does not have 12 months of history, a minimum of 90 days history is required (without plumbing problems) before an account will be reviewed for an adjustment.

Customers must pay the average consumption for each month adjusted to the maximum of three months. Any amount above average is reduced by 50% for water service. Sewer reductions are based on the type of problem that occurs at the property. If the water does not re-enter the sewer system, sewer charges are reduced 100% above the customer s average. If the water re-enters the sewer system, sewer charges are reduced 50% above average.

Calculation Example

Average consumption = 300 cubic feet
Cost = $5.00 water
Cost = $10.00 sewer

Billed charge as a result of a broken service line

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Salesforce Vision: Desktop Login Shortcut #salesforce #icons


One little time saver that a client asked me about a few days ago was, “How do I put a shortcut on my desktop that automatically logs me into Salesforce?”

Its actually pretty easy, but you’ll have to make it yourself.

Okay, here is how you do it.

1) Go to the login page of salesforce and right click on the desktop. From the menu that pops up, click on create shortcut. That will put a shortcut on your desktop.

2) Next, edit the shortcut by right clicking on the shortcut and selecting properties. You should see the following link in the URL field:

3) You need to add the login validation text to the end of that link. It looks like this:

and obviously enter your actual password in place of “password”. So the finished link will look something like:

4) Click on OK to save the properties box. Your desktop shortcut should now be active and will log you in automatically to and bring you to your home page.

Another useful trick is to add a keyboard hotkey to the shortcut. You’ll see the “Shortcut Key” field on the properties editor (same one you had open before). Type in S in the shortcut key. As soon as you type it, a “CTRL + ALT + S” will appear in the place of the S that you typed. Click on OK to save the properties box again.

Now, when you want to login to, just hold down CTRL + ALT and type S and automatically a browser will open and login to your account.

By and Mike Snapp

Snapptraffic Consulting

Getting the most out of is more about having a vision for possibilities than it is about technical prowess. Companies are limited by ideas, not technical ability.

Hello, my name is Michael Snapp and my company is Snapptraffic Consulting. As a team of experts, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to better put to work for our clients. This blog details the solutions that my team and I have helped find for our clients.

Hopefully, the ideas presented here will help you get a vision for what can do for your company.

Find our main site at:

Blog Archive Links


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Simple SVG icon not displaying in IE11 – Salesforce Stack Exchange #salesforce #icons


As the title says, I am struggling to make svg icon work in IE11. Here is a simple reproducible version of my problem.

Renderer for the component:

When accessing the app in google chrome, icon displays fine but in IE 11 nothing shows.

Upon inspecting the network log in IE browser, I noticed that IE is not even downloading the svg file.

Screenshot in chrome(svg icon successfully displayed):

I tried the solutions mentioned in the following similar questions but no success, So please don’t close as duplicate .

This is not a Lightning issue, but a browser compatibility issue. IE 9-11 does not support external resources for svgs (e.g. the use tag with an xlink:href ), so writing this inline is the best option. There are some really nasty hacks available online, such as but I would not recommend use of this library. If you do use it, please refactor it to address the XSS issues below, be sure to hook it into a renderer, and you’ll have to find some creative solution on your to this running outside the framework’s lifecycle. E.g. the framework is going to think that your image is fully rendered as soon as you make the callout, when it won’t actually be on the page yet. Also, I don’t know if this approach is guaranteed to work in future versions of Lightning because of how it uses xhrs, and really putting the SVG data inline yourself is going to be much easier and faster that initiating an async xhr call to pull the data from static resources and then re-writing the document to put the data in-line in an unsafe way.

For other browsers, please try to avoid the use of innerHTML with string attributes as they become an XSS sink. You don’t need innerHTML here, you can build up the element with DOM accessors, such as createElement(). setAttribute(). and appendChild(). That avoids possible ambiguities in html parsing of strings, particularly as you don’t have any native JS and html encoding libraries available to you in Lightning.

href is an XSS sink because of javascript pseudo-schemes ( xlink:href=”javascript:payload” will cause the payload to execute), so please verify that what goes into href starts with ‘https://’ if it is an absolute URL or “/” if it is a relative URL. This is true for a href as well as other attributes such as frame src=””. For a more complete list of unsafe attributes (there are many), look here:

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CapEx Outsource, LLC #semiconductor, #equipment, #used, #silicon #wafers, #devices, #capital #expenditure, #company


Full-Service Used Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Supplier Buyer

At CapEx Outsource, L.L.C. we’re dedicated to providing our customers around the globe with quality used semiconductor equipment and various services for startup clients and fab closures and conversions.

Over the years, CapEx Outsource, L.L.C. has allied with dozens of international manufacturers and refurbishment companies – this enables us to carry a wide selection of used semiconductor equipment, peripherals and parts from trusted brands like Applied Materials (AMAT), ASML, Hitachi, Ebara, KLA, LAM, Novellus, Plasmatherm, Tegal, Thermawave, Varian and many more. We also offer a variety of services for the semiconductor industry, including:

  • Equipment re-marketing
  • Fair Market Valuations (FMVs)
  • Equipment procurement/sourcing
  • Refurbishment services
  • Warehousing/logistics
  • Leasing partnerships/alliances

CapEx Outsource, L.L.C. wants long-term partnerships, not one-time customers, so we work hard to ensure that each of our clients receives a superior level of service and personalized attention. We’ve supplied used and refurbished semiconductor products and parts to leading 300mm facilities all over the world, and we make it our goal to keep our customers satisfied with our products and services year after year.

Make CapEx Outsource Your Choice for Used Refurbished Semiconductor Equipment, Parts More

Ready to learn more about how CapEx Outsource, L.L.C. can meet your capital expenditure needs through our numerous products and services? Interested in selling us your surplus semiconductor products or parts?

Please contact us today at (952) 890-7321 – we’d be glad to get you in touch with one of our sales representatives. We look forward to starting a partnership with you and your company.

CapEx Outsource, L.L.C. is proud to be a global, full-service semiconductor equipment company. We offer a variety of products and services for the semiconductor industry, including used semiconductor equipment, peripherals and parts, equipment installation and de-installation, and equipment refurbishment. CapEx Outsource, L.L.C. has been helping companies around the globe meet their capital expenditure needs since 1999.

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Weight Watchers Commercial 2015 #commercial #property #for #rent #or #lease

#weight watchers commercial


Weight Watchers Commercial 2015

While Weight Watchers is a household name in America, this was the first time they came into our households (via the Tube) on Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl does at first seem like an unusual advertising venue for the weight loss company. On the other hand, they may found a receptive audience among the more than 110 million captivated viewers who saw their ad while chewing down on obscene amounts of junk food. It just might stand to reason that many of those viewers will be inspired to start a diet today!

Whether you re celebrating or agonizing, sometimes it can feel like the only answer is ham. #SB49

People on diets tend to see food everywhere. (And of course on Super Bowl Sunday, that is no illusion!) Sympathetic to this challenge, Weight Watchers is now offering up personal coaching services to help clients get through the tough moments in their diet plans. You can see one of Weight Watchers’ recent tv ads here:

Super Bowl ads experience

According to AdWeek. Weight Watchers recently abandoned their former ad agency, McCann New York and turned to Wieden+Kennedy to help them rebrand. Thanks to Wieden+Kennedy, WW has a new logo, a new branding message and now their first-ever Super Bowl commercial!

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Commercial Building Plans and Designs #define #commercial #goods

#comercial building


Building Designs By Stockton

Commercial Plans (17 Plans)

Building Designs by Stockton offers an assortment of one, two, and three story Commercial Plan designs. These plans are designed for light retail, office, and industrial usage. We have a few designs with combination lower retail and upper residential floor plans. Please call us here at Building Designs by Stockton if you have any questions regarding these floor plans.
Pre-Designed Plan Modifications: If small floor plan changes, such as enlarging a floor plan, modifying a bathroom and kitchen layout, adding additional units to a multi-family design, or just changing the architectural style of the building are requested, please feel free to contact our office by E-mail or fax over a sketch with your ideas in mind. Usually changes can be made very quickly and inexpensively because of the new technology used for our construction drawings. Call us Toll Free at 1-800-368-0821 or e-mail your required modifications for a firm drafting quote.

View: Plan # / Elevation/Floor Plan

Commercial Plans

Additional Features

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Designing for a Commercial Space #defination #of #commercial

#commercial space


Designing for a Commercial Space

Commercial, sometimes also referred to as contract, design focuses on the design, professional design team coordination, planning, budgeting, specifying/purchasing and furnishings installation of interior environments used for commercial, government or educational purposes.

Many designers specialize in one or more of the following areas of commercial design.

  • Entertainment
    Entertainment design brings together the use of interiors, lighting, sound and other technologies for movies, television, videos, dramatic and musical theater, clubs, concerts, theme parks and industrial projects.
  • Facilities Management
    A facilities manager develops schedules for building upkeep and maintenance, addressing safety and health issues and lighting and acoustics needs. A facilities manager also plans and coordinates office moves or expansions, and serves as project manager during construction or renovation.
  • Government/Institutional
    A government designer is familiar with the very specific needs and requirements associated with working with government agencies, such as military bases, federal buildings or government offices. An institutional designer focuses on projects such as child care, educational, religious, correctional and recreational facilities, fire and police stations, courts, embassies, libraries, auditoriums, museums and transportation terminals.
  • Health Care
    Health care designers create environments for hospitals; clinics; examination rooms; surgical suites; mobile units; hospice care homes; nursing, assisted living or long term care facilities; or any other health care environment.
  • Hospitality/Restaurant
    Hospitality design focuses on environments that entertain or host the public, including nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, hotels, city and country clubs, golf facilities, cruise ships and conference facilities.
  • Office
    Office design focuses on the public and private areas utilized by corporate and professional service firms.
  • Retail/Store Planning
    Retail design and store planning concentrate on retail venues, including boutiques, department stores, outlets, showrooms, food retailing centers and shopping malls.
  • Read More in Design for a Commercial Space

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    Oprah Winfrey debuts Weight Watchers commercial – CBS News #looking #for #commercial #property

    #weight watchers commercial


    Oprah Winfrey debuts Weight Watchers commercial

    • Andrea Park
    • CBS News

    Dec 28, 2015 4:11 PM EST

    29 Photos

    Oprah Winfrey attends the “Belief” New York premiere at TheTimesCenter on October 14, 2015 in New York City. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

    Oprah Winfrey made a big commitment to Weight Watchers in October, and it wasn’t just to shed a few pounds. The media mogul bought 10 percent of the company for $43.2 million and agreed to be the face of Weight Watchers for five years.

    Winfrey, who is working with a Weight Watchers coach and its mobile app, has finally released her first commercial with the company.

    The commercial is stylistically similar to Winfrey’s past promotions for her TV specials, with a self-help tone and an uplifting soundtrack.

    Oprah on her new series “Belief”

    She says, “Inside every overweight woman is a woman she knows she can be. Many times you look in the mirror and you don’t even recognize your own self because you got lost, buried in the weight that you carry.”

    Winfrey continues, “Nothing you’ve ever been through is wasted, so every time I tried and failed, every time I tried again, and every time I tried again, has brought me to this most powerful moment to say, ‘If not now, when?’ I feel that way, and I know million son other people feel that way. Are you ready? Let’s do this together.”

    The commercial has aired in the U.K. and her U.S. campaign is expected to roll out soon.

    The TV personality, who has famously struggled with her weight for years, said in a statement in October: “Weight Watchers has given me the tools to begin to make the lasting shift that I and so many of us who are struggling with weight have longed for. I believe in the program so much I decided to invest in the company and partner in its evolution.”

    Winfrey’s best friend, “CBS This Morning ” co-anchor Gayle King, also participates in Weight Watchers.

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    Oprah – s Weight Watchers Ad Is Making the Internet Emotional #daily #comercial

    #weight watchers commercial


    Oprah s New Weight Watchers Commercial Is Sending the Internet on an Emotional Roller Coaster

    It has people in tears

    Oprah Winfrey s new Weight Watchers commercial is creating an emotional outpouring online. In the ad Winfrey s first since announcing her involvement with the company back in October the 61-year-old media mogul talks candidly about her struggle with weight loss .

    Inside every overweight woman is a woman she knows she can be. Many times you look in the mirror and you don t even recognize your own self because you got lost, buried in the weight that you carry, she says. Nothing you ve ever been through is wasted. So every time I tried and failed, every time I tried again, and every time I tried again, has brought me to this most powerful moment to say, If not now, when?

    After the commercial debuted on Christmas Eve, many people took to Twitter to express their feelings about it.

    Good grief. That Weight Watchers commercial featuring Oprah is sincerely emotional to anyone overweight. Like for real. Great advertising.

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